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For a couple of weeks, I have been struggling to decide whether to have a Business Consulting website as a freelance or to have a blog. During the process of making the right decision, I also fought to chose the right language to write in.

Well, after reasoning for a while I decided to start my blog in English at its first stage to share and write about what I like the most. The expertise revealed that I should write about Business doing a strong emphasis in Management, Sales, Marketing and Investments.

The vast majority of the content posted will be of my own authorship, however, I will share information from other authors that I consider valuable for you all.

I will highly appreciate your contribution to this project. By contribution I mean feedback about the topics & information you are interested in, following me in Social Media as well as actively commenting the posts.

Who am I ? 

To find out more about me, please visit the About Me section and/or my LinkedIn Profile

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How can you send your suggestions?

Very Easy! Just send us a short email to info@victorhernandez.net or complete the contact form.

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