by: Victor M. Hernandez P, E.M.B.A.

This is a series of several posts.

Article #1

The Beginning

The way people communicate has evolved thanks to technology. It is over a decade now since the first social media network started. In the beginning, My Space or Hi5 was the most used services. My Space became popular in the artistic community, it was the place to share your music, engage with fans and interact with people with the same interests. Hi5 was more opened, you didn’t have to be an artist, you just needed to build a profile, add friends and share whatever their members wanted.

Nowadays, these two social media networks aren’t popular at all. The platforms that are at the top are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. We have other players as well, however, none of them as popular as the previously mentioned.

Before the invention of Social Media, most of the communication between the Media and the public was towards one direction only. Public Relators created press releases that where published as the one and only Truth.

One of the most powerful benefits that SM offers is real-time two-way communication.

Two-Way Communication to Engage and Connect

As silly as it might sound, Social Media revolutionize the way people and companies interact. It doesn’t matter if you have a B2B or B2C approach, Social Media gives you an additional channel to establish communication with customers and customers with their brands of choice.

This means of connection builts engagement as the customers interacts with the content shared by us (Company). Interactions include and are not limited to post sharing, post comments, likes, and mentions.

The success of Social Media Networks has been so, that today we have the “Influencers”.

What is an Influencer? It is an individual/brand that has built a solid network in one or more of the Social Media Networks, by sharing the content of interest for their audience.

There are people all over the world which are already making a leaving from their Social Media Influence.

Social Media Marketing: Delivering your message where it wants to be heard.

Despite there is a lot of people using their Social Media Profiles to connect and share all type of content with friends, family, and relatives. Marketing professionals have found a great alternative to communicate, promote, sell and market products/services and with amazing accuracy.

Nowadays, our Ads/Campaigns are targeted in such a detailed way that only the people and/or users that have the same interest will see our ads/campaigns.

Which are the Social Media Networks available today?

There is a large list of Social Media Networks, the most important and/or popular are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIN
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest

There are some other social media networks on the Internet, however, these are the most important in the Occidental World. Deciding where to create a profile will depend on: 1) Which is your Target? 2) Are you working a Personal or Business Profile? 3) Why do you want to have a Social Media Profile?

This is a series of posts, We will continue the series in our next post. If you will like to suggest a specific topic about Social Media or would like to ask a question please don’t hesitate and send us an email to

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