The Art of Teaching: Human Resources

One of the good things of blogging. You get to share from your heart at anytime just when you feel like doing it. This is what’s going on lately dear Reader’s.

As a business professional, I have always felt passionate about teaching. To share knowledge with other human beings is to grow as a person. Nowadays, life goes fast, too fast for most people to do a STOP in their daily routine to dedicate an hour or two to teach.

Well, teaching is a GIFT, definitely, IT IS! Anybody can talk and present in front of an audience or classroom. However, engaging your audience and motivate them with the subject of your lecture is TEACHING and it’s best.

By now, you might be thinking What has happened to the Business Blog I am used to? I can certainly understand your concern. Let me explain to you all what is this about.

A couple of days ago a received a call from a colleague called Martin. The purpose of the call was to tell me that he had referred me to teach 3 workshops in Santiago, Dominican Republic second largest city. This was awesome news to start the month of June so I confirmed immediately.

So here is the point, the class starts at 2:30 pm, at this moment, while I am writing this line it is 4:14 AM and there is a 2 hours bus ride in between Santo Domingo and Santiago. I feel prepared for the class but what catches my attention the most is how passionate can teaching be when you put your heart and goodwill on it. There aren’t many things that will keep me the whole night awake as doing good online research about HR in an effort to have an AMAZING class.

I have to confess that my colleague has more experience in the area than I do, a fact that has added some stress to the regular one experienced when public speaking. However, my credentials are there, including 10+ years of managing experience.

The group I will be teaching it’s very heterogeneous and has students from all education levels(High School, College, Graduate). The biggest challenge for me has been to adapt all the content to simply non-technical business language. This was under the must-do tasks because otherwise, I will be quite difficult to keep the class attention and interest.

The Outcome

Well… it’s about time that I get some sleep. If you are there, reading these lines, keep posted. I promise to share the ending of this story.

Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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