Here we are again Dear Reader, I am writing this post as promised to share how did everything go with my lecture “Introduction to HR Management” The original post is: “The Art of Teaching: Human Resources“, if you just jump into this post I will suggest to take an extra minute and read the previous one.

The Journey

I woke up early, feeling pretty exhausted after spending most of the night awake making sure that I was in total control of the subject I was scheduled to teach starting at 2:30 pm in Santiago City. Of course, guess what? I received a call while I was getting dressed from one important client to meet at 10:00 am (to be on time for the Class I had to take a bus leaving at 11:30 am ). I agreed right away due to this client potential and worth for my consulting business.

There I was, Saturday 9:30 am on my way to a business meeting on a tight schedule. Taking action and not procrastinating paid immediately yesterday. After 8 months of hard work promoting a 25MW Solar Park we got to an agreement for it’s development. I left to the Bus Station at 10:52 am hoping to get to Santiago on time.

I kept a good atittude all the time, trying not worry about the time while I was on my way to the station. To my advantage transit was smooth and I received a quick service at the ticket booth.

At 11:25 am, I got in the Bus and was heading to the actually scheduled event of a working Saturday.

My Two hours at the city market (Bus Ride)

The Journey never ends until you get to the finish line. Definitely, I am being sarcastic about my 2 hours visit to the city market. However, the bus was not crowdy but people talking out loud, kids and babies crying well the typical in public transportation.

I wanted to concentrate and review the content one more time, it was impossible. After all, it was the best because I had the opportunity to sleep an additional hour.

Introduction to Human Resources Management

I arrived at 2:20 pm to the classroom and got a big surprise. The class was almost complete and in time for their first day. I moved quickly to connect my laptop, the projector, and speakers.


This was it, the projector the center had only have VGA connectors. I didn’t panic and reached the institute staff and her answer was: “awwww, today is Saturday the adapter is in the main office which is closed until Monday.”

As a good business professional and problem solver, I accepted the fact that we would not have the presenting aid and moved forward.


Business as usual, we started the first day of class with a brief presentation, basically share their name, occupation/studies, why did they decide to take the HR Course?. Everything went nice and smoothly. I was impressed with the number of female students (13 vs 2).

If you have taught, you know that there is always a student who is looking for the odds, what is wrong (by wrong not perfect in the student terms), I identified this student immediately to keep it all time busy.

The Experience

The class education level overcame my expectations. Most of the participants in the course have a bachelor’s degree in subjects related to business with some exceptions. In the group we had: Lawyers, Psychologists, Business Administrator, and Marketers.

The beginning went a little bit slow. I needed to warm up, by warming up I mean to get into it and feel comfortable with the group and the subject being taught. The projector issue had most of the responsibility for the pace I had.

To my advantage, this group was very enthuastic, participated during the whole class and were respecful to the teacher and fellow students.

What would you do different?

The only way to grow is to identify your errors in order not to commit them again. Mr. Castro the Course Coordinator provided me the PowerPoint presentation which had the key aspects he wanted me to cover with the group.

For the “Leadership in Human Resources” class I decided to prepare my own presentation to feel more familiar when presenting and give it my touch.


Teaching is great! It gives you the opportunity to be updated at all times in your area of expertise. Just to prepare the class makes you research updated information and helps your brain health when you study and memorize your presentation.

If you ever have the time to teach, even as a volunteer, I will suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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